David Chen CPA, Founder & Managing Director

Born and raised in Houston Texas, David attended the University of Texas’s McCombs School of Business where he received his Bachelors & Masters in Accounting. 

David is a licensed CPA in the State of Texas and began his career as a public auditor and financial accounting consultant for EY, a top 4 public accounting firm in the world, serving both private and public clients in a wide array of industries.

At EY David worked on the Dell-EMC merger a $67 billion acquisition marking the largest acquisition in the technology industry to date. David gained exposure to big company financials and prepared the financials for the merger learning the processes of both companies and created effective systems to present accurate financial data both companies could rely on. 

While working at EY David met local small businesses owners and noticed there was a gap in small business tax & business data and that they were lowering profit margins due to inefficiencies in the business. David realized that these small businesses could implement technology & financial management to improve their business.

David quickly took an interest in the hospitality and professional services industry, being an avid traveler, vacationer, and business man, he realized that he put could integrate his work and life together and create the best experiences possible for both his clients and their customers.

Through these experiences, David developed a strong foundation of accounting principles and operational strategies which he has transitioned into his practice and clients. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and continues to provide outstanding service to his clients each day.